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Sysinternals Desktops is a freeware that can create multiple desktops
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In Linux, we can use multiple windows easily. The same can be implemented in Windows by using different programs. Sysinternals Desktops is one of these programs. It is a freeware created by Sysinternals. was the website which had a lot of useful tools for managing windows. It is now a part of Microsoft TechNet. All the programs are freeware. They are very small in size, so anyone can download them.

Sysinternals Desktops sits quietly in the taskbar and pops up when we need to switch windows just like in Linux. Now, the program creates a separate explorer.exe instance for each desktop and displays them when we need. Now, this seems to be quite convenient when you are working with a lot of open windows where everything gets confusing.

The program though has a lot of disadvantages. One problem concerns desktop themes. We cannot use multiple themes. Also, the color depth of the second or the third desktops will be too low to use Windows Aero theme in Vista or Windows 7.

There is no "exit" command to close the program. All you can do is end the program using task manager along with the multiple "explorer.exe" processes.

As the program is a freeware, you can try it without doubt. If you are very much annoyed with the problems in the application, there are similar third-party applications that you can buy.

Zack Martin
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  • Easy to use
  • Small Application


  • Windows 7 incompatible
  • No Option to "Close" the program
  • Color depth supported in multiple desktops is very low
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